The On-Line Bright Annealing is a controlled process of heating between 1040°C-1080°C, and then cooling it with quenching water. We use 99.999% pure hydrogen for high quality surface finish.


  • Reduce the hardness of Stainless Steel tubes, improve the plasticity, to facilitate cutting machining and cold deformation.
  • Fine grains and homogeneous steel organization and composition, to improve the performance of Stainless steel tubes.
  • Remove the residual internal stress in Stainless steel tubes, to prevent deformation and cracking.
1.Under Reducing Atmosphere [ N2 & H blanketing]Under Oxidation Atmosphere [ presence of O2 ]
2.No oxidation possibilityOxidation in part of process
3.No chemical effluents, Green ProcessHighly polluting process with highly Polluting effluents. Not a green process.
4.No Oxidation, No pickling necessary.Pickling necessary to remove oxidation formed during Annealing.
5.Smooth surface finish can reduce ContaminationPitting and rough surface finish can Create contamination.
Bright Annealing is a Non-Oxidation, Clean & Green Process.

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